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Unable to Connect SSIS using Virtual Server Name – MS SQL Server


Installed SQL Server Enterprise Edition 2008 database engine along with Integration Service on four node clusters running on Windows Server 2008 . I am unable to connect SQL Server Integration and got following error message window when trying to connect using Virtual Server Name (SQL Server Name) but able to connect using physical server name.


As you know that SQL Server Integration Service is not cluster aware  service so does not support failover from one cluster node to another. That's the reason it should be installed as a stand alone service on every node part of cluster. That drives a theory that SQL Server Integration by design does not allow connection thru Virtual Server name. But practically you can connect SSIS using Virtual server name by performing following actions:

  1. Open Windows Firewall with Advanced Security and bring properties page as shown below:


  1. Turn Off Firewall rule state for Private and Public profile


This will allow you to connect SQL Server Integration Service using Virtual Server Name.


Firewall rule is defaulted to ON. Turning OFF firewall rule state allows SSIS to connect using Virtual Server Name

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